Margaret River, Western Australia

Heart, Mind & Soul

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2 metres x 1.2 metres.
composed of mixed media/photo-illuminescent paint/antique gold & silver leaf on canvas.
framed as a stretched canvas.

This painting is inspired from a recent trip to Chilean Antartica, Patagonia and Easter Island (Rapa Nuie).

I wanted to capture the raw natural beauty and wild untamed landscape of the wilderness that absorbed me.

More than 800 of the Easter Island heads (Maoi) stood in strength on the hillsides and coasts. Wild brumbies galloped past me every day. The high peaking towers of the mountains, the powerful untamed waterfalls, roaring rivers and the aqua blue brilliance of glaciers and icebergs of Patagonia were amazing to behold.
At the bottom is the ancient Rapanui Rongorongo glyphs found on sacred rock tablets on Easter Island. A vortex of power rolls through this painting revealing the many layers and emotions of life’s journey.

“I hold true that pure thought can grasp reality as the Ancients dreamed”(Albert Einstein)


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